Sharing can be significantly cheaper than renting your own place. A one bedroom flat in London can take up a large portion of the average monthly wage while your also having to solely pay for council tax and utility bills adding to your monthly outgoings.

By sharing you can split the rent, council tax and other bills and potentially live in a better property in a better location than you could otherwise afford on your own.
In addition to the financial benefits, sharing can offer significant social benefits. You can share with friends, meet new people from different backgrounds. Sharing meals, TV or a casual game of sport can be fun whist still having the privacy of your own room.

If you're interested in finding a flat share, speak to one of our consultants. We've helped dozens of singles and couples move into shared accommodation


If you’re a resident landlord, whether or not you own your home, or you run a bed and breakfast or a guest house, here is a pleasant surprise: if you rent out a room in your home you can get up to £7,500 tax free income!

This is due to a government scheme called Rent A Room designed to encourage people to take in lodgers.
Landlords are able to let out a room or part of your primary place of residence. It can be a whole floor but not a self-contained flat and it must be furnished as unfurnished rooms don’t qualify.
Plus, you don’t have to be a homeowner. So long as you have your landlord’s consent, you can take advantage of the scheme as a tenant.

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