Welcome to Sunny Bay!


Founded in June 2011, SunnyBay is a premier web-based luxury property portal that showcases exquisite properties from around the globe. Our listings primarily feature stunning sun-soaked properties available for sale or holiday rentals. Over the years, we have evolved into a high-street based boutique estate agency and have made significant strides in the vibrant London Wimbledon community.


At SunnyBay, our commitment lies in providing exceptional service. We take meticulous care of each property listed with us, and we genuinely prioritize the needs of our clients.


SunnyBay was founded by two close friends driven by a shared passion for making a positive impact on the lives of others. We were disheartened by the prevalence of companies relying on impersonal canvassing and ghost advertising, often failing to deliver responsive customer service.


At SunnyBay, we aim to redefine industry norms. We embody a way of life—a synergy between sunshine, happiness, positivity, passion, and hope. Our goal is to create the "SunnyBay way of living," where home becomes a sanctuary and hearts and souls are filled with warmth and joy. We value the dignity of every individual and actively champion causes we deeply care about.


Our team at SunnyBay thrives on building meaningful connections with our customers, providing them with prompt assistance and solving their problems. We believe that by spreading sunshine in our own lives, we can brighten the lives of others.


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