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Presentation - Selling Advice


Improve your home's kerb appeal as the first look will impress. Keep the front door of your property clean and in good condition, polish up the brass (if you have any) and make sure door bells work. Sweep away any leaves from the front of the house and remove any litter outside the property you are selling and clear the path to your door. Mow the lawn and make sure your garden looks neat and tidy. Trim hedges, repair fences and remove any dead pot plants.

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Presentation - Selling Advice


Let there be light - it’s one of the main assets when selling any property.

1. Emphasise natural light where possible by:

  • Drawing back curtains to allow maximum light to enter

  • Keeping windows of the property clean and window-sills uncluttered

  • Removing old net curtains

2. Create an inviting look by:

  • Using side lights for a softer, warmer effect

  • Ensuring all light bulbs are working

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Presentation - Selling Advice


Try and keep rooms throughout the property well-ventilated while avoiding air-fresheners. It’s particularly important in bathrooms, basement flats and vacant properties.

• Keep it Clean
When selling a property, it is vital to clean it regularly. It only takes a short time, in London especially, for dust and dirt to collect on surfaces and window-sills.

• Keep it Tidy
Keeping your property tidy is also important when selling, especially on crucial second visits. If a potential buyer does come back, making that extra effort with fresh flowers can pay dividends.

• Keep it Furnished
If your house is vacant, it’s a good idea to leave some furniture in it for viewings. Limit the amount of furniture in the property for an uncluttered look. Surprisingly, furniture can make rooms feel bigger and also helps show how the property can be lived in.

• Keep the Temperature Right
You can increase your property’s appeal and sell it faster by keeping it warm in winter and cool in summer. Light a fire if you have one and if your property is empty, set the heating so it comes on at regular intervals during winter.

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Presentation - Selling Advice


These areas can be troublesome, so make sure you keep them tidy when trying to sell the property. Clear away junk mail and store letters or magazines neatly. Keep communal areas clean as they are the first and last areas any buyer sees.

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Presentation - Selling Advice


The appearance of the garden or outside space can be just as important as the inside of your property. It is essential that the garden or balcony is not a mess. Ensure to keep hedges trimmed and lawns mown. A well-stocked garden has more appeal than one with straggly, dying bushes.

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